E-bike hire in Crete

E-bike hire and e-bike cycling in Crete. We deliver brand new and well maintained 2019 SHIMANO STePSs e-bikes at any hotel, apartment or villa in Crete!

An ebike, pedelec or electric bicycle is powered by the rider just as a regular bicycle, but the powerful electric motor can be engaged if needed, in order to deliver additional support. The electric motor runs on a rechargeable Li-ion battery, with can propel the ebike to speeds up to 25 kms per hour. The radius of the new 2019 Shimano STePS pedelec is up to 100 km, but this also depends on the terrain in which the bike is used.

These e-bikes are very well suited for cyclists who need some assistance while cycling uphill, which have a limited physical condition or when cycling with a headwind.

We highly recommend you to reserve your E-Bike in time, as electric bicycles are a novelty in Crete and are only available in limited numbers! Reserve your Pedelec HERE (max 4 ebikes per booking).

E-Bike, Pedelec, electric bike
E-Bike, Pedelec, electric bike