Privacy Policy

Kreta Bike Privacy Policy

Kreta Bike looks carefully after your personal data. By visiting this site you agree with this Privacy Policy.

Kreta Bike will never make your data available to third parties, unless it is your own choice (e.g. reservations). In this case Olympic Bike will mention it explicitly.

Kreta Bike will never commercially abuse your passively or actively supplied data.

Kreta Bike asks you on several pages to supply details such as your name, address and email address, for e.g. reserving of mountain bike tours. Each time it is crystal clear for which reason your personal data will be used.

Processing of your personal information is taking place based on the British Telecommunications (Data Protection and Privacy) Regulations 1999 law.

The Data Protection and Privacy law gives you as a site visitor or customer of Kreta Bike the right to look into your data. This means that you can ask which data has been registered and for which use it is being utilized. If you would like to see which data has been collected by concerning yourself, please send a written request together with a copy of your valid identity papers and your email address to Olympic Bike (see Contact).

Furthermore Kreta Bike takes care of the organizational and technical safety of their files, in which personal and internet traffic data are stored. This way Kreta Bike makes sure that this data is only accessible by competent persons and that the data is only used for the purpose for which they were intended.

Kreta Bike does not use active cookies at present. However, Kreta Bike does collect your data for cumulative internet traffic statistics.