Remarks on reservations

Completion of contract:

The following remarks are valid for all services, as long as one single service or a specified group of services is not explicitly mentioned. When you make a reservation by letter or via the internet, we will first check whether the desired service is available. Afterwards you will receive a written confirmation of the reservation and invoice which simultaneously is the service’s offer to you. The contract between you and Kreta Bike comes into effect when you remit the invoice’s amount respectively the down payment and this way accept the offer reserved for you.


You may cancel the contract without charge up to 2 weeks after it came into effect. Timely posting of the cancellation message to us is sufficient. Please always send cancellations per email or fax to us. This way you help us to make the reserved services available to other interested short term parties.

Description of performance:

All information and remarks included in our web pages belong to the description of the contractual performance, i.e. these contents will become part of the contract between you and Kreta Bike. Therefore you should carefully read through all information regarding the desired service before making a reservation.

Before we started to offer the cycling programs through the Internet, there were occasionally misunderstandings regarding the correct choice of “Level’’. Please do not just read the tour descriptions, but also the remarks on level classification with regards to family downhill bike trekking, mountain biking or road cycling. In case of doubt, please choose a lower level. Changes to a higher level are generally possible on site with agreement of the center management. Changes from a higher to a lower level are much more difficult due to technical arrangements.

Our tour programs are subject to permanent testing and improvement. Changes in the road conditions may for safety reasons cause route diversion, as well as becoming known of new, more attractive routes or stopping-places. Any changes to the tour programs will be assumed to the descriptions as soon as possible, where the internet version always contains the most up to date texts. At the moment of your participation it may however happen that single routes as well as parts of the whole program differ from the description which still has been valid at the moment when you made your reservation.

Confirmation of Reservation:

The reservation confirmation will be sent to you by email and / or post. It will be posted to the address given by you. With the confirmation you will receive a coupon for the reserved service (voucher). Please bring the voucher with you to your holiday resort and present it to Kreta Bike. If the reserved service or one of the reserved services is fully booked, you will always receive a message by email within short notice. This requires your own email address. If you send the reservation in another way, e.g. from an internet cafe, you should at least set up a free mailbox, such as and check it for incoming messages within two or three days after making the reservation.

Deposit and bank transfer:

With your confirmation of reservation, you will also receive the information for the bank transfer. If a reservation is being made where the starting date of a desired service is farther away than 31 days, we require you to make a deposit which amounts to 25% of the total amount (minimum 75,- Euro per person). This amount will be settled with the remainder of the open balance. Please give all advised reservation numbers with your transfer form in order to facilitate a smooth and timely processing. It is recommended to obtain a receipt from the bank which carries out the transfer. If you later present your voucher to Kreta Bike while the transfer is still being processed, you can also present the receipt to us. The receipt from your bank then offers you the guarantee that you will get the reserved service in every case. Direct debit and payment by credit card cannot be offered yet because of too many remaining uncertainties in Greek international data processing.

Terms and deadlines:

Your reservation should be made at least 4 weeks before the start of the earliest desired service. If you make your reservation within a shorter period, special agreements can be made by email upon the way of delivering the confirmation and the method of payment, as long as the service is still available. If you want to reserve several services, the individual reservations should be made simultaneously (within a few hours) and from one single email address. This will enable us to group and arrange these reservations. If one of the desired services is fully booked, you will be informed by email and can decide whether you wish to maintain, cancel or modify the remaining reservations or complete the arrangement in another form. Execution of reservations in the destination country is organized in a way that allows cancellation or changes to the reservations without incurring costs within 2 weeks after you have accepted the reservation confirmation. Changes or cancellations should only be made by email or fax. The confirmation will be given in the same way. The bank transfer should be made in time, so that the credit entry to our account is made at least 4 weeks before the start of the earliest reserved service. Late in-payment will allow us to offer the reserved service to other prospective customers at short notice, in order to utilize the resources of all providers. In this case you have no claim to the service, but only to a refund of the amount which you have transferred lately for not received services.

Cancellation fees:

If you cancel your reservation later than 2 weeks after the contract has come into effect, the following cancellation fees will apply:

  • 30 or more days before the service starts = 20% of the price.
  • 29 to 8 days before the service starts = 40% of the price.
  • 7 to 0 days before the service starts = 60% of the price.

The full nominal price will be levied for any reservation which is not cancelled. By withdrawal from several reserved services, the above mentioned cancellation fees will be applied for each single service. You will receive a list of charges from your contracting partner. We will handle both the mailing and the completion of the list in this case too.


We will endeavour to realize any alterations with minimum costs. Olympic Bike can never charge you for more than the above mentioned cancellation fees. Alterations will however be subject to a fixed administration fee of 35,- Euro unless the change can be carried out by email or a few local telephone calls. In case of doubt, you should inquire about whether alterations are possible, and if so, whether fees apply to them.

Please note:

Fees for reservation changes will be automatically deducted from the balance which was transferred by your bank. Therefore it will be necessary to make an additional transfer of the corresponding amount in time, in order that the reserved (changed) service can be carried out.


Kreta Bike guarantees that the services on these web pages are reputable and liquid when being listed to the site. Kreta Bike is not liable for the supply of a service in cases such as those which are generally recognized as being excluded, e.g. strikes, political unrest and force majeure. In any case of liability the level of compensation is strictly limited to the price of the service.

Terms of participation:

Terms for bicycle rental and tour participation are listed below, as far as each single term is applicable by analogy:

  1. Participation in all programs is at your own risk. The use of rented bicycles outside of a program is also at your own risk. Participants and renters have to check the bikes and equipment prior to use in order to make any claims regarding unsatisfactory material later on.
  2. Participants and renters are liable for any damages and losses to persons and material caused by themselves. Renters are bound to secure bicycles in a manner that prevents theft by unauthorized persons (for example through locking to a fixed object). In cases of theft or damage the full replacement value will be levied. Renters are bound not to allow the use of bicycles by a third person.
  3. Kreta Bike is solely liable for losses and damages that arise from wilful or grossly negligent actions by their personnel. An enforcement of liability claims for any other reason is ruled out. In particular Kreta Bike will not answer for things brought along by the customer such as bags, glasses, cameras, clothing etc.
  4. Participants of cycling tours confirm with their reservation that there are no medical reasons to doubt their taking part in the described program. Every participant must have mastered the basic rules of traffic regulation and the operation of bicycles. The rules of all valid traffic laws are always to be followed.
  5. Participation in bicycle tours under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited. Should a participant be visibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the staff is duty bound to exclude his or her participation during the tour. In such cases no claims to a refund can be made.
  6. The instructions of the personnel are to comply with. In cases of non-observance personnel are permitted to withdraw the bicycle from use during the tour. In such cases the participant will be returned to the hotel in the service vehicle and will have no right of a refund.
  7. The fee for tour participation or bicycle rental is to be paid in advance. In case that a participant breaks off participation in a program at his or her own request, no claims to a refund can be made.
  8. In cases of strike, political unrest or force majeure Kreta Bike is not liable for damage, delay or impossibility of providing the service.
  9. Rented bicycles must be returned within the cycling center’s business hours (08:30 a.m. until 20:00 p.m.). In case of a delay a corresponding correction of the rental rate will be made.
  10. Young persons under 18 years of age can make registrations / bookings only through their legal agent. If a young person participates without accompaniment of parents or guardians, the personnel is not bound to look after him or her. Kreta Bike is explicitly released from any obligation to supervise minors.
  11. Any dispute arising through the rental of a bicycle or the participation in a tour program is subject to the sole jurisdiction of the local courts where Kreta Bike is based. In cases of doubt regarding the interpretation of written agreements the copy of participating terms in the country’s language is definitive.
  12. Participants of the tour programs and bicycle renters accept the conditions of participation by making their reservation. Registration of minors by their legal agent also validates the terms of participation for the registered person.


Any information shown is subject to change without notice, mainly due to safety reasons or quality improvement or development of services. Errors excepted. All prices shown are subject to alteration without notice.