Tour information

During which period do you organize tours?

Olympic Bike organizes daily cycling tours from the 29th of March until the 7th of November.

Due to the favourable climate on Crete it is also possible to organize MTB or road cyling tours for groups (e.g. schools or cycling clubs), Incentive or Team Building, during the winter months.

What is the best time of the year for cycling in Crete?

Spring and autumn are the best cycling seasons as temperatures are optimal. If you can not avoid the summer period than you should leave early in the morning in order to avoid the high temperatures.

What should I bring along on a tour?

A bottle of water, sunglasses, sun-protection cream, camera, if swimming is part of the program – swimming clothes and a good sense of humor!

On our multi day tour, Le Tour de Crète, we suggest not to pack too many clothes, as most bikers still pack far too many clothes than they will ever need to wear. We recommend one suitable bag and a backpack.

TIP: Avoid hard case suitcases!

What is included in the price of a tour package?

Guiding by OBT guides, MTB, road bike or hybrid bike, helmet, transfers from / to your hotel and an Olympic Bike T-shirt are included. Food, drinks or entrance fees to gorges, caves or monasteries are not.

On our multi day tour Le Tour de Crète, also 7 overnight stays incl. breakfast and luggage transport from accommodation to accommodation, are included.

Do the tours have extra features?

Yes! This depends however on the type of tour and each individual route. Our cycling tours can include swimming, hiking, wine or local food tasting, visiting of caves, gorges, monasteries, Byzantine churches, castles or ancient sites.

Please have a look at the itinerary of each tour, in order to find out which of these additional activities are included.

Do I need a helmet?

Yes! All riders must wear a helmet at all times when mountain biking or road biking, as your safety is always of the utmost importance! We can supply you with a state of the art MET helmet free of charge, in case you do not bring your own helmet or if you do not own one.

How big are the groups?

Every guided cycling, mountain bike or road bike tour consists of 7 (minimum) to 67 (maximum) participants, depending on the type of tour the participants have chosen. 1 highly experienced guide will be available for approximately every 10 cyclists.

Can children come on your tours?

Yes! In our cycling center we have a wide variety of children and junior bikes, so that children from the age of six years and older can bike together with their parents on our Level I tours. For the younger ones we have air suspended TOPEAK kid seats, which will comfortably accommodate any child until 22 kg.

Please note that our Level II mountain biking and road cycling tours are not suited for children under the age of 16, unless they are the National MTB or road biking Champions in their class (but on occasion we do have one or two of these wonder kids on our tours …).

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes, you can. If you prefer to bring your own mountain bike, road bike or hybrid bicycle, be sure to bring any special tools or equipment required for it. Rule number one is to have your bicycle tuned up at your local bicycle shop before any long distance trip.

Here you can see why we advise you to leave your own bicycle at home and to ride on one of our well maintained SCOTT Sports mountain bikes, road bikes, e-bikes or hybrid bicycles. You can always bring your own saddle or pedals; we will gladly mount them for you!

Do the guides have first aid knowledge's?

Yes! Each guide needs to have followed a first aid course which was completed not longer than 2 years ago, in order to be eligible to work for Olympic Bike.

Bicycle rental

Why should I use a bicycle from Olympic Bike?

Although most cyclists prefer their own bicycle, there are many reasons why you should leave your bicycle back home. There is the hassle of transporting it, air shipping costs and the risk of damages during transportation. How about 4 X assembly / disassembly of your bicycle?!

Furthermore it is not unheard of that after arrival at the destination airport your bicycle will not be transported with the transfer coach, due to the fact that there is simply no space, although your travel agency back home told you that it would not be a problem. Then you will be forced to take one or two expensive taxis, in order to transport your bicycle (s) from the airport until your accommodation.

How much do you charge for the delivery of bicycles?

In the area of Rethymnon we deliver free of charge! If you would like to have your bicycles delivered any where else on Crete we charge 25,- Euro per bicycle. If large numbers of bicycle need to be delivered a special price per truck or trailer will be made.

What if I have a technical problem with the bicycle?

When we deliver a bicycle it comes equipped with a repair kit, containing: A tire lever, a spare inner tube, patches, pump, speed link and a small Topeak Tool, which will enable you to fix minor problems. In the very unlikely case of a “bigger” problem, we will replace the bicycle.

Should I bring my own road bike clipless pedals?

We normally deliver road bikes WITHOUT pedals, as everyone has it’s own favourites. Furthermore the own cleats are perfectly worn in with the matching pedals and the tension of the spring of the click mechanism is working smoothly. So no need to tediously adjust the rented pedals.

Only in an absolute emergency could we supply Shimano SPD-SL or Look Keo CLASSIC road bike click pedals.

Mountain bikes can be equipped with Shimano MTB-SPD click pedals on request.

Reservations and last minutes

Do I need to make a reservation for tours or rentals?

As we work with many major international tour operators and have daily bicycle tours (from the 29th of March until the 7th of November), it is imperative that you make your reservation at least 30 days before the start of the desired service. This way you will not be disappointed if there is no availability for the desired date or when the required MTB, road bike, e-bike or hybride bicycle model and / or frame size is not available.

How can I make a reservation?

All reservations must be made in writing. You can do this via our web page on the internet or by email. On a very last minute basis you could also give us a quick call on Tel: 0030 6944 22 05 13 (we speak English, Dutch, German and Greek).

Can I make a last minute reservation?

A last minute reservation, is a reservation which has been made within 30 days of the start of the earliest desired service. We will accept your reservation as long as there is availability.

Please note following:

  1. The total amount is due immediately and needs to be paid in full after receipt of the invoice.
  2. In order to save time we will send documents electronically by email. If you wish that documents are dispatched to you by courier, you pay for the extra costs.
  3. We should always have a telephone number, where you can be easily reached, just in case some details need to be finalized at short notice.
Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is highly recommended, however we do not require it. Be aware when traveling, unforeseen circumstances can change the even most carefully planned holiday. Travel insurance can compensate you in the event of trip cancellations, trip interruptions, trip delays, baggage loss or unexpected medical emergencies.

Can I have a hard copy brochure or catalogue?

In order to minimize the impact on the environment, it is our company policy that all requested information will be transmitted to you electronically, in order to reduce the usage of paper in our office.


How can I pay for the bicycle tours or bicycle rental?

By bank transfer. With the confirmation of the reservation we will give all necessary details, in order to enable you to make the bank transfer. Furthermore it is also possible to pay safely by credit card using PayPal.

Why must I make a deposit?

In order for us to reserve the desired service for you.

How much is the deposit?

It amounts to 25% of the total price (incl. all selected services which are provided by third parties). The minimum amount however is 75,- Euro per person.

Exception: If you have made a last minute reservation (less than 30 days before the start of the earliest desired service) – the total amount is due immediately.

When must the deposit be paid?

With our confirmation of the reservation the deposit becomes due. We will advise all necessary banking details, in order for you to arrange the payment. You should transfer the funds into our bank account within 8 to 10 days.

Until when must the remainder of the open balance be paid?

At least 4 weeks before the start of the earliest desired service.

Is VAT included in the price?

Yes, 24% VAT is included in the price for all of our services.


Are there discounts for big families?

Yes. These depend on the tour and / or the accommodation. Please contact us by email or telephone for your special family price.

Are there discounts for groups & incentives?

Yes. In order to be classified as group you must be with at least 15 participants. Only one invoice will be issued for the entire cycling party. Please note that additional requested services and single room surcharges can not be reduced.

On request we will gladly make you a competitive offer for your cycling group or incentive.

Cannot find answers to your cycling questions?

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